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Weekday Crew

John & Heidi

Mon-Fri 6-9am ET

Terry Dean

Mon-Fri 9-11am ET

Cindy Scott

Mon-Fri 11am-1pm ET

Chris Russell

Mon-Fri 4-6pm ET

Weekly Programming

Big Kahuna

Big Kahuna's Beach Party

Thurs 7pm

Bob Arndts

What's Your Twenty

Sat 1pm

Butch Halpin

Carolina Sounds Beach Show

Sun 12pm

Charlie Brown

On the Beach

Sun 9am 

DeLane Hayes

Hayes' Hard Drive

Tues 7pm

Kent Jones

Totally Awesome 80s

Sat 7pm

Pat Gwinn

:Pat Gwinn At the Beadh

Sun 5pm

Todd Chambless

Into the 70s - Sun 7pm

KTODD 70s - Tues 7pm

KTODD 80s - Sat 8am

Vic St John

Crashman 80s - Fri 7pm

Super Cool 70s - Mon 7pm 


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